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Mediwar Alliance Army

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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe my plan in alittle more detail

I would like to create an army of under me so we can work together in order to rule mediwar

This website is designed as a kind of base for the our army...Here is where the unique links will soon be and we can talk/learn about how to help each other in mediwar as well as many other events in mediwar

One pretty Orc

We may have muscle

Orcs we got to use that attack bonus to its most to take the money away from the humans and the elves becasue they donnot have a better defense...Humans you need to use your money wisely to destroy your enemies...Elves you must have a high spy rating so you can steal the money to build your amies....Dwarves you must use your defense to protect your gold


Here's a list of some of some ideas:

Create a large army of create a large alliance under one commander

Click on each others links daily

Help your fellow orcs in our army whenever needed

A New Army